Ayşe Karaoğlu - Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis

Ayse Kahyaoglu

Juliu Horvath - creater and the founder of GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® - struggled with chronic pain and injuries from his professional ballet career and these led him develop the GYROKINESIS® Method. These movement principles offer the similar benefits also found in yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and tai chi, but are not derived from these other exercise modalities. 

The system works the entire body through seven natural elements of spinal movement: forward, backward, left side, right side, left twist, right twist and circular, as well as all other joint articulations. 

This method systematically and gently works the joints, tendons and muscles through rhythmic and undulating exercises. Movement stimulates the body’s internal organs and different corresponding breathing patterns are integrated.

Fluidity is the key. Postures are not held for long periods of time. Instead, postures are smoothly and harmoniously connected through the use of breath, making exercises appear and feel more like dance than traditional yoga.

The beginner classes start with self-massage and simple breathing patterns to awaken the body. The next focus is on the spine and pelvis. Seated on low stools, the class mobilizes the spine through a series of arching, curling, bending, twisting and spiraling movements. The corresponding breathing patterns in every movement stimulate the nervous system, open up energy pathways and oxygenate the blood.

The more advanced classes add endurance training to bodies prepared for more strenuous activities. The classes encompass not only sitting but also lying and standing positions. Gyrokinesis method invigorates and re-educates the body to move with fluidity, power and relaxation. 

I offer private and group classes of level 1, level 2 and Intensive Breathing. I am a  GYROKINESIS® Pre-trainer.