Ayşe Karaoğlu - Gyrotonic, Gyrokinesis

Ayse Kahyaoglu

My name is Ayse and I specialize in Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis exercise methods. I have a background in couple dances - I was a professional Argentinian Tango dancer. While I was developing my skills as a dance teacher, I was inspired by the human body and how it functions.

Over the years my passion to learn about biomechanics have grown and as I study, I realize that the most important thing for me as dancer is moving in a smart way rather than overtraining and abusing my body. So, I started searching for and experiencing different exercise methods for injury prevention and being in my top condition -and also for fun :)  That’s how I met Gyrotonic Expansion System. This exercise system completely changed my life and vision. For the last 8 years I am in the best shape of my life and I know there is still room to grow.

Recently I moved to beautiful Algarve region of Portugal with my husband and we are building our simple life with gratitude and joy. I love traveling, sailing, scuba diving and of course dancing. I hope to see you in my Gyrotonic studio to learn and re-educate your body to move with fluidity and power.

My Trainigs:

GYROTONIC®Level 2, Program 1
GYROTONIC®Applications for the Pelvic Girdle
GYROTONIC®Applications for Scoliosis
GYROTONIC®Applications for Golf Level 1
GYROTONIC®Applications for Osteoporosis 
GYROTONIC®Jumping Stretching Board
GYROTONIC®Leg Extension Unit

GYROKINESIS®Level 2 Beginner
GYROKINESIS®Breathing Course Intensive
GYROKINESIS®Breathing Experience with Juliu Horvath
GYROKINESIS®Rejuvenation Course with Juliu Horvath